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Vuze XR firmware update adds self-timer, manual exposure

Vuze XR 360 camera with VR180
Vuze XR 360 camera with VR180

Vuze XR (reviewed here) has a firmware update that adds features including a self-timer, manual exposure, and DNG support.  Here’s why this update is huge.

Vuze XR is a hybrid VR180 and 360 camera with 5.7K resolution.  The updates make significant improvements to the Vuze XR.  Here’s why.

Self-timer: A self-timer is an essential feature for 360 cameras.  It makes it easier to take selfies or, conversely, virtual tour photos where you don’t want to be included in the scene.  Arguably, a self-timer should have been released with the camera, but at least now the Vuze XR has it.

Manual exposure: You can now adjust shutter speed and ISO for photos, giving you full manual control over exposure, which not all 360 cameras are capable of.

DNG support: Vuze XR now has the option to take photos in DNG format which should improve image quality and give the user greater flexibility to edit the photo, especially for color temperature and tint.  Combined with true manual exposure (see above), DNG mode will make the Vuze XR a very capable camera for VR180 or 360 photos.