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Review: Why the iKross is My Favorite Tripod for 360 Cameras

iKross shown with Ricoh Theta S

My favorite tripod for 360-degree cameras is the iKross Selfie Stick / Tripod.  Here’s why:

Update: here’s my new favorite compact selfie stick tripod.


1.  Longer than most small selfie sticks.  From the base of its tripod mount to the bottom of its handle, it measures 42.5 inches.

2.  Compact.  When collapsed, it is only about 9 inches.  It’s also slim enough that I can slip in into the front pocket of my jeans (although the handle will stick out)

3. Short enough when I need it.  The minimum height is about 9 inches.

It is short enough that with the Theta mounted, it is about the right height for capturing a group shot when we’re dining:

Mother’s Day #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

4. Less conspicuous.  Unlike a lightstand (which I use when I need more height), the iKross doesn’t attract attention.  At the same time, because it is technically a tripod, I have been able to bring it to places where selfie-sticks are banned such as Disneyland.

5. No electronics.  That initially sounds like a disadvantage, but with the Theta and most 360-degree cameras, they don’t use bluetooth, or if they do, they use it with a phone.  So I don’t need a bluetooth trigger in a selfie stick.  Not having electronics allows me to use it without worrying about getting it wet.


The iKross is not perfect.  It is very light, so it’s not stable with heavier cameras.  It won’t withstand a strong breeze.  Although the angle of the tripod attachment can be tilted, the angle of the legs cannot be changed, so it won’t work for angled surfaces (it will fall over) except perhaps if it’s fully collapsed.

The other thing I don’t like is that the tripod mount has a ring for tightening the camera attachment, but the ring can be loosened and it can fall off.  One time it fell off the sidewalk and I didn’t notice until a long time afterward.  I went back to look for it.  That’s how I realized how much I have come to depend on the iKross.

Here are some more sample images taken with the iKross:

#sakura3d #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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