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XPhase Pro S back in stock

XPhase Pro review
XPhase Pro back in stock

XPhase Pro S (reviewed here) is back in stock.

XPhase is the highest resolution 360 camera with 200mp capture resolution (134mp stitched).  It is surprisingly affordable at $879, less than half of the cost of the Panono, the next highest resolution 360 camera (108mp capture resolution, 134mp stitched resolution).  XPhase also has the unique capability of taking HDR photos without ghosting.

XPhase had been sold out for a while, but is now back in stock and ready to ship on November 20.  It also received recent firmware updates that enabled 6-shot HDR in auto mode, and Raw DNG support.

For sample photos, check out my XPhase review page.  If you want to check out samples from users and see user feedback, I recommend visiting the XPhase group on Facebook.

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  • They did a lot updates as I see on the Facebook group, But I can see a lot issues on colors they have different result for each cam, quite strange… would be great to have a update review about this after all this changes.