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XPhase Pro X2 high-resolution virtual tour camera LEAKED; here’s what we know

Upgraded XPhase Pro S starts shipping
The Xphase Pro S is the highest resolution one-shot 360 camera

The new version of the highest resolution 360 camera — the XPhase Pro X2 — was inadvertently leaked.  What changes can we expect?  I’ve discussed it with its worldwide distributor and here’s what we know.

XPhase Pro S (reviewed here) is the highest resolution 360 camera with 25 lenses and a total capture resolution of 200 megapixels, and a stitched resolution of 16k (around 134 megapixels).   It is more detailed than many DSLR panoramas shot with fisheye lenses.

The updated version of the XPhase, the Pro S2, will begin shipping soon but in the meantime, the next version of the XPhase — the XPhase Pro X2 — was inadvertently leaked in the checkout page for the XPhase Pro S2.

XPhase Pro X2 leaked
XPhase Pro X2 leaked

I talked to Xphase’s worldwide distributor about the X2.  Here’s what they have revealed so far:

  • XPhase Pro X2 will have 25 lenses just like the XPhase Pro S.
  • It will have all the improvements of the Pro S2, including metal components (not nylon).  This will reduce stitching errors (less need for calibration) and may make it less likely to fog up.
  • It will have new lenses with much better resistance to flare.
  • It will have better colors.
  • It will still use USB 2.0.
  • There is still no live preview function.
  • The extended battery of the XPhase 2020 can be used on the XPhase X2.
  • The X2 uses a completely different module therefore existing XPhase cameras cannot be upgraded to the X2.  However…
  • There will be discounts for existing XPhase owners.
  • XPhase Pro X2 will be $1349.

When XPhase Pro X2 is ready, they will send me a unit for review.

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  • I’m very curious for a review by you. My biggest question is – will the camera have better sensors so that color issues are gone? The price increase could be a sign for higher priced sensors since additional ~500$ are quite a lot of money. I hope 25 better sensors are the reason.

  • Hi, Mic,

    Just as always, I am waiting for your respected review. In fact, I contacted Danny, and mentioned the possibility of replacing the lens with the existing ones from DJI Mavi 2 zoom (12 MP 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor with which I am extremely satisfied). Just a guess, that it could be it, cheers.

  • Hi Mic,

    will the X2 have new sensors? My hope is that lenses and sensors are one closed unit and new lenses means also new sensors. What do you think?

    The S2 price increase from S could be for the metal structure. The X2 price increase let assume new sensors. A Xphase with stable colors would be a dream.