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Yi 360 VR adds image stabilization!

Yi 360 VR at NAB 2017 (c) 360rumors.com
Yi 360 VR at NAB 2017 (c) 360rumors.com

I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but Yi just posted a firmware and app update for the Yi 360 VR that will supposedly add IMAGE STABILIZATION.  Yup, you read that right!

Yi 360 VR (part 1 of my review here) is the most affordable 5.7K 360 camera on the market. Besides having 5.7K (5760 x 2880) video resolution, it also has 4K in-camera stitching and 4K live streaming.

One feature that potential buyers have been asking for is image stabilization.   Before the Yi 360 VR was released, there were rumors that there would be image stabilization but when it was finally released, it didn’t have stabilization.  But now Yi just posted a firmware update and app update that adds image stabilization.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but here are the links:

Firmware update v 1.1.34

– App update: update to version 2.2.1 (Android) or version 2.2.0 (iOS) or later.  See Google Play Store or iOS App Store respectively.

To update the firmware: expand the zip file, copy the contents to a cleanly formatted Micro SD card, put the SD card in the camera and turn on the camera.  It’s that simple.

I will test the stabilization and report back with the results!

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  • Mic, I tested it today. It’s not fully implemented yet. You can view stabilized video in the Android player but you can’t create a stitched video that is stabilized. That requires the stabilization feature to be added to the Yi Studio app. You says that’s coming soon.

    • Hi Dean. Thank you very much. Yes you’re right. And yes Hugh is right that they will fully implement this in the near future.
      Best regards,

    • Hi PJ. I’m trying to figure it out too :p I’ll update this when I know how to make it work…
      Best regards,

  • This camera is sold out everywhere :). At least I could not find where to buy it. I would prefer Europe. I know that Yi have a store in Germany. But they say it is out of stock in their website. Any thoughts how soon it will be available and where? Thank you :).

  • The link doesn’t work. After login it says:

    Sorry, something went wrong
    Please try closing and re-opening your browser window.
    Return home

    Where can we get the new firmware?

    • You can do “Overcapture” with the Yi 360 VR footage by yourself.
      It is no special feature of the Gopro. Garmin Virb 360 have it also, but called it “hyperframe”.
      You need to reframe your footage in Premiere and make a normal videoclip with your 360 footage.

      • Hi Florian. Yes and no. It is possible to do a cropped 360 video with many software. However, overcapture and insta360 ONE’s freecapture are different insofar as you can use the phone to control the virtual camera, making the video appear more natural, and giving you more control. Best regards, Mic

        • its no magic, its simple reframing and keying. you can do this all over with premiere in post production. yes, gopro and insta360 have a mobile app, but if you want quality, nobody would edit his whole video on a mobile phone.

          i made a video with the yi 360 vr, and after reframing and keying, nobody cant see a different to a gopro fusion or insta360 one. only the missing stabilization is one point, but i think there will be an update soon.

    • Hi Mili. Depends why you got the Xiaomi. For photos, i think xiaomi is still superior to the yi. For videos, i would wait and see because the image stabilization in the yi 360 vr hasn’t been fully implemented. Another consideration is the really slow stitching for the yi 360 vr. Best regards, Mic

      • Thank you Mic. Actually I don’t know yet. I think I want to contribute to google street view. I would love to be in the photos and videos and not only behind the camera, I think this will be valuable for my daughter and adds a real value to the photos/videos. I would love to do live streaming videos, I thinks this is something the Xiaomi mijia can not do ‘yet’?! I love the overcapture videos from rylo but I just learned about the editing alternative ‘Freecapture’ in the Insta360 one which makes a lot of sense. And I think the most important thing is also workflow, where can I edit and export the final video as fast as possible. Price is an issue as well. And I am trying to think how I can offer 360 videos to the businesses in my area. I think that would be great to have a cam which I can use to generate money too.

        Basically I cam across your site and you got me exited and I just went a bit impulsive and just ordered the mijia, now I’m having 2nd thoughts. 🙂 greetings from Austria and thanks for all the work and the Info!

        • Hi Mili. If you are at least interested in google street view, i would recommend you keep the xiaomi, at least for that. yi 360 vr takes a much much longer time to stitch that i’m concerned it might drain your enthusiasm if you have to go through that every time. xiaomi is a much better tool for beginners.
          Insta360 ONE is great for beginners too bec of freecapture among other things. Its photo quality is pretty good too, although xiaomi is a little sharper for photos.
          If you are interested in google street view i would not recommend rylo. it is nearly useless for that because it has no self timer and no wireless control either.
          So to summarize, I suggest sticking with Xiaomi, or trying Insta360 ONE (the latter can live stream).
          Best regards,

          • Thank you again Mic, something went wrong with my order and it was cancelled. So I can choose again. I think I will give the xiaomi a try (unfortunately the new code is just for US and the older one is not valid anymore). The build quality looks much better then on the competition and I already have a funny video idea. I would love to learn to create 360 videos for small businesses. Is there a app or SW for Mac or tutorial that you recommend? Thanks a lot again


  • Hello I am choosing between YI 360 and Madventure. Can you help me to get a right decision please. My preferences is nightlapse and videography. Thank you.