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2017 Gear 360 Manager app now live for both Android and iOS! Here are the limits I’ve found.

The release version of the app for the 2017 Gear 360 (first impressions here) is now live for both Android and iOS.

Android version

The app is just called Samsung Gear 360 (it’s not called Gear 360 Manager anymore).
Here is the link for Android.  (Do not use the old Gear 360 app because it’s not compatible with the 2017 Gear 360).
Here is the link for iOS.

The Android version appears identical to the prerelease version except that there is a new sample photo.  I could not test live streaming because it requires Android 7 (Nougat) and I only have Android 6.

As noted in my first impressions, you can stitch photos and videos from the 2017 Gear 360 in full resolution on a Samsung S6 (the previous version required a Samsung S7 to stitch in 4K).  I am guessing that compatible lower end phones will also be able to stitch in full resolution.

The 2017 app works for both the 2017 Gear 360 and the original Gear 360.  The good news is that so far I have not seen a color difference between lenses on the new app when shooting with the original Gear 360, so stitching could be better.  The 2017 app also cannot stitch the original Gear 360’s videos in 4K (it can stitch at 2560 x 1280).  

I also haven’t tested if a non-Samsung Android phone can trigger the original Gear 360.  In fact, I don’t know anyone *yet* who has been able to use a non-Samsung Android phone to run the 2017 app.  

On iOS, I tried the iPhone SE (which is listed as compatible) and iPhone 6 (which is not listed as compatible).

On iPhone SE, the app seems to behave normally until I try to connect the Gear 360 to it. Then it will freeze (it will be unresponsive) and eventually the app will just close.  I tried this several times but I was not able to use the Gear 360 with the iPhone SE.

Strangely, on the iPhone 6, the app does work.  I did get a warning saying some features don’t work on my phone.

Here are some of the iOS limitations on the iPhone 6, which again, is not listed as compatible. A compatible iPhone probably has more capabilities.

– Available modes: video, photo, time lapse, video looping, landscape HDR (a true multi-shot HDR).  No live streaming on iPhone 6.  Not sure about other iOS phones.

– Photos can also be stitched up to 4096 x 2048.  To stitch in the full 5472 x 2736 resolution, you need the 360 ActionDirector desktop software.

– videos can be stitched on the phone, but only up to 3840 x 1920.  (You need the 360 ActionDirector desktop software to stitch at the full 4096 x 2048.)

– No, you can’t use the 2017 app to control the original Gear 360 on iOS.

I will try again with the iPhone SE.  Hopefully it works…

Thank you very much to axel and SpecialK66 for letting me know about the release version of the app!

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  • Thanks for this, does the new app allow you to take stills at a regular interval? As I don’t think the old app could do this? (I think this might be called an Interval meter?)

    • Hi Adam. You’re correct it is called intervalometer. But no the app doesn’t have it. There’s a time lapse mode but what it does is to create a video time lapse, and you don’t get the individual photos. With the original Gear 360, there was a workaround – which is to use the Street View app (which does have an intervalometer), but 1) the stitching was simpler; 2) I haven’t gotten the 2017 Gear 360 to work on street view yet.

      Best regards,

  • ​Im using WIFI router network (Internet). tried FB live using my gear 360 2107 on my Samsung Galaxy 360 but its not broadcasting. but when in use my Data Network (Sim ) and its broadcasting fine.

  • Yes you are right, I can’t even download it from google play store, it says may phone is incompatible. I have tried using the modded apps which i found from the internet but doesn’t work either. My android phone is lenovo P1 Turbo. However, I also got iphone 6 and like the author said, i give it a go and it works perfectly. I am so happy I have found this article at least one of the phone works but i prefer my android phone as it has bigger screen and longer battery life. Hope samsung will release unrestricted compatibility with other makers phone so that more people will buy this fun technology.

  • Anyone try stitching 4k on a non-Samsung phone yet? I’m debating between the 2016 and 2017 versions solely due to phone limits.

    • Hi CB. The only non-Samsung phone that can stitch 4K on a 2017 is iPhone 7 or above. Otherwise, you can stitch 4K on 2016 or 2017 on a PC, or 2017 on a Mac. Both versions require newer processors that support OpenCL.
      Best regards,