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360 Camera Buying Guide (Dec. 2019) updated for GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K, Theta SC2

360 camera buying guide: December 28, 2019
360 camera buying guide: December 28, 2019

I’ve updated the 360 camera buying guide to take into account the GoPro MAXQoocam 8K, and Ricoh Theta SC2.  To see the rationale for these recommendations, please see the 360 Camera Comparison page.  Please note the following:

For the Qoocam 8K, this is based on firmware 40, which enabled microphone input and improved stabilization tremendously.  Stitching has also improved greatly since my previous test video.

For GoPro MAX, I’m assuming that it will eventually have a Windows app for reframing, which it already has for the Mac.

In the 360 camera comparison page, I’ve also added a section for upcoming 360 cameras so you can take that information into account when purchasing.

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