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360 live streaming comparison: Qoocam 8K Enterprise vs. 360 Anywhere

Qoocam 8K Enterprise vs 360anywhere for live streaming
Qoocam 8K Enterprise vs 360anywhere for live streaming

Are you looking for the best 360 camera for live streaming in 4K?  Here is a 360 livestream comparison by CreatorUp comparing the Qoocam 8K Enterprise ($1600 + monthly fee) and the 360 Anywhere ($3499), both of them set to 4K.  Here’s the sample:

Here are the time stamps:

1:44 – Camera Tech: Teche 360Anywhere Livestream setup
2:27 – Audio: Zoom H3VR 4 channels ambisonics spatial audio (not working on YouTube VR)
3:08 – Why audio is important in 360 Livestream
6:32 – The Livestream Tech of Qoocam 8K Enterprise
8:20 – What is Qoocam Live? (360 Livestream Software)
9:40 – What is the difference between 360Anywhere and QC8K Enterprise (in Livestream)?
13:00 – Professional level LIVE adjustment
14:00 – Low light 360 live stream – real-time denoising feature
14:33 – Live stitching problem of 360Anywhere
17:10 – Live streaming over Wifi
17:50 – Qoocam Fun
24:20 – Qoocam Live features – Recording while LIVE, Picture in Picture, customized logo insert, etc.
31:11 – Qoocam 8K Enterprise with Qoocam Live vs Teche 360Anywhere
33:50 – Best camera for outdoor event live stream
35:20 – Upstream requirement: 13Mpbs – 30Mbps (minimum for 4K live stream)
38:35 – Walk around stitch line test of Qoocam 8K Enterprise
39:42 – New 360 Filmmaking Course (coming up)
40:38 – No black holes in Nadir or Zenith
44:00 – Skills to master during post COVID era in VR
47:31 – New 360 Livestream Business Model for Commercial / FIlm production – bring clients onset LIVE virtually (my example)
50:30 – Recap

The exposures on the cameras were not identical, which makes it harder to compare the amount of detail and dynamic range.  However, they appeared to have similar level of detail, although the 360Anywhere had more stairstepping.  Below are crops of the Qoocam Fun box, which was somewhat equidistant to both cameras.  The amount of visible detail is similar for parts that weren’t overexposed, although the 360 Anywhere had much higher contrast and acuity, making it easier to identify details.  On the other hand, it has noticeable stairstepping at this resolution (4K).

Left: Qoocam 8K Enterprise; Right: 360 Anywhere
Left: Qoocam 8K Enterprise; Right: 360 Anywhere

With stitching quality, however, Qoocam 8K Enterprise was the clear winner.  Not only does it have fewer stitch lines, but its stitching appeared smoother (due to the smaller parallax).  I hope that both cameras improve their stitching even further.

There were several cameras that were not included in this test, including Insta360 Pro 2 and Labpano Pilot One.  CreatorUp said that he would be testing them soon.  He also announced that he is working on a 360 filmmaking masterclass, although he didn’t specify a timeframe for its release.

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  • Hi 🙂

    Love your videos and comparisons. I have difficulty to connect the QC 8k Enterprise via HDMI. It doesn’t seem to display on a TV screen, nor connects with my macbook.
    I’d like to connect QC8k to my computer to live stream multi-cameras (OBS or other service). Any solution to this problem?