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Chase the solar eclipse across the US with CNN’s 4K 360 live stream!

solar eclipse live stream across the United States
solar eclipse live stream across the United States

Not everyone will be in the path of the totality when the eclipse happens on August 21. But with 360 technology, you’ll have the experience of being able to be virtually chase the eclipse across the United States. As reported by our friends at Immersive Shooter, CNN will be live streaming the solar eclipse across several locations, in 4K 360.

The total eclipse on August 21, 2017 is being dubbed the Eclipse of the Century because it will be the first one to cross from the West Coast to the East Coast since 1918. However, there are many who won’t be near the path of totality, such as those in California, Hawaii, or Alaska. Fortunately, regardless of where you live, you can watch the eclipse through CNN’s 4K 360 live stream here or on the CNN app, on August 21, starting 1pm ET, until around 3pm ET.

You’ll have the experience of chasing the eclipse with CNN as they live stream from seven locations in the path of the totality across the United States over a period of approximately 2 hours: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, and South Carolina.