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GoPro MAX update will add 3K 60fps mode and 360 time lapse; how to upgrade firmware manually (updated May 6, 2020)

GoPro MAX got a firmware update that will finally add a 3K 60fps for slow motion and a 360 time lapse mode and other improvements.  Here’s how to get the firmware update manually.

GoPro MAX (reviewed here) is GoPro’s 360 camera and successor to the GoPro Fusion.  One of its weaknesses is that it has no slow motion for 360 video, unlike the GoPro Fusion, which has a 3K 60fps mode.  Another limitation is that even though it has a hyperlapse mode (which GoPro calls time warp), it does not have a true timelapse mode.  With this firmware update, GoPro addresses these issues with the MAX.

GoPro MAX update 1.5 adds 3k 60fps mode
GoPro MAX update 1.5 adds 3k 60fps mode


First, you can try connecting your MAX to the GoPro app on your phone.   You may be prompted for a firmware update.  If that doesn’t work then try updating the firmware manually.  Ensure that your MAX has sufficient battery and sufficient space on your Micro SD card (please use a reliable Micro SD card to avoid any issues).

Step 1. To update the firmware manually, use your desktop to login to your account at GoPro.com and fill out this registration form with your email and serial number.  GoPro tells you to look for the serial number in the battery compartment but it is very hard to read that way.  The easiest way to get your serial number is to use the Max on-camera screen, swipe down, tap on Preferences, tap on About, then Camera Info.

Step 2. In the next screen you’ll be given a link to download the firmware for your MAX as a zipped file.

Step 3.  Extract the zip file and you’ll see a folder called UPDATE.  Copy the UPDATE folder (not the zip file) to your MAX’s micro SD card and turn on the MAX.  Allow the MAX to power cycle a few times.  When it’s done, it will say that the firmware update is complete.

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