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Insta360 One R is the best camera for FPV drones and RC planes, says experienced pilot

“My favorite new camera for 2020 for filming flying or any of my surface vehicles is definitely the One R Twin Edition. It is super awesome,” says well-known FPV pilot and reviewer Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC.

Here is his review video for the Insta360 One R, where he shows sample videos from the One R on a quadcopter, RC plane, RC truck, and while riding an electric skateboard:

Justin found 360 video to work very well for his quadcopters and RC plane, providing a unique perspective you can’t get from a regular action camera: “This is something again that kind of changed the game for me for reviews.  It’s just a really cool new perspective for anyone watching YouTube and wanting to see something different when it comes to RC and flying.  It just makes some of the 3D maneuvers on planes look a little bit cooler.”

Justin also liked the One R’s 4K module: “I think that this [4K module] footage actually looks better than the GoPro with Hypersmooth. Dare I say it? I did! I think this is going to be my go-to camera this year instead of the GoPro. I’ve been using the GoPro Hero for years with Hypersmooth and it really does get nice smooth video but it has dark to light transition problems on the GoPro Hero.”

Justin has previously posted a video about the One R on the iFlight Green Hornet cinewhoop FPV drone.  Learn more about the Insta360 One R here.

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