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Insta360 One X update adds new features, plus: new rumors

Insta360 One X updates and rumors
Insta360 One X updates and rumors

Insta360 will be releasing an update to Insta360 One X (reviewed here) that will add three features:
– Color Boost: this is an automatic postprocessing effect that significantly enhances the colors and contrast of photos and videos.  When used with HDR Video or HDR photo, it should maximize the image quality from the Insta360 One X.
– AI Audio: this uses AI to improve audio quality.  The AI identifies the primary sound, such as the user’s voice, then amplifies it, while reducing the background noise.
– Multi-editing: you can now combine multiple videos with transitions, etc. using the app.

I will also have more news about Insta360’s next camera (update: see here).  Stay tuned!

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  • Hi, about when would insta360 be announcing new camera?

    Qoocam 8k seems very difficult to beat unless Insta360 starts off also designing an 8k with large sensor.
    I like insta360 for so many updates and support … This alone would be better than Kandao and GoPro, but difficult to see how they would challenge Qoocam specs.

    Low light performance in Insta360x was a deal breaker for me.


  • Some of these I’ve also asked several times to be implemented. What is still missing is bracketing more than 3 shots (many other brands implemented this), as well as manual controls on the HDR-mix, allowing the user to adjust how the brackets are merged.
    Probably the biggest issue, which is not firmware-update-related would be the hardware support, read service. A big reason why I seriously think about dropping Insta360 and buying a GoPro is service. No matter what hardware problem one has, you have to send it to Hong Kong, where they state very pleased that the service is overwhelmed and it will take a long time to repair. Of course, add to this the shipping time, shipping cost, and usually customs clearance costs. I’m at the second problem with the camera, and if I would send it in again, I would already double its value (or pay it once again), as Insta360 is refusing to give service rights to any other third party service (this has been confirmed to me by a known german actioncam service)..

  • Just bought my insta360 one x, been very happy with it, except with the fact that updating the firmware is best with the cable, but it wasn’t included. I have read about using the micro sd card but have read so many reports on people blocking their camera with this method, why didn’t they just include the damn cable so I can update my camera’s firmware!? Or why the hell can’t I just update it from my macbook pro? Seem like simple things but I guess not, just ordered a damn cable from the insta store paying much more for shipping than for the stupid cable to update my camera.