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Insta360 Titan begins shipping; watch these astonishing 11K videos!

Insta360 has begun shipping the first orders for the Insta360 Titan (reviewed here).  Meanwhile, they also posted new samples in 11K 2D 360 and 10K 3D 360 in the CrystalView .VRB format, which you can watch with Insta360 Moment for Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go.  Note: the Insta360 Moment app version 1.4.7 does not work on Oculus Quest (I tried sideloading).

1. Open the Insta360 Moment app once, and close it.  This will create a folder in your phone or Oculus Go called Insta360 Moment.

2. Connect your phone or Oculus Go to your PC then copy the .VRB sample files to the Insta360 Moment folder.

3. Disconnect your phone or Oculus Go then launch Insta360 Moment.  You’ll be able to watch the VRB files.

On my Gear VR running on Samsung S10+, the video plays smoothly at full resolution, although the stereo effect seems exaggerated.  On my Oculus Go, the video can play at full resolution but with heavy stuttering when I turn my head.  If you don’t have the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go, you can check out this montage downscaled to 8K for YouTube:

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