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Labpano Pilot One EE (Enhanced Edition) announced; free upgrade for existing Pilot One owners

Pilot One Enhanced Edition free upgrade
Pilot One Enhanced Edition free upgrade

Labpano has announced the Pilot One Enhanced Edition, and is offering a free upgrade for existing Pilot One owners.  Details below.

Pilot One is an 8K 360 camera that was one of the first 360 cameras to feature a touchscreen and has in-camera stitching capability.  Now, Labpano has created a new version of the Pilot One called Pilot One EE (Enhanced Edition) that will feature built-in GPS, IP65 water resistance, and silent passive cooling. “Pilot One (EE) and Pilot One share the same basic hardware architecture and specs, Lenses, CMOS and SOC remain the same. However, Pilot One (EE) now comes with built-in GPS and IP65 Enclosure. We have also removed the built-in fan and replaced it with an external aluminum heatsink. There’s no longer any moving parts inside the camera, with less noise and in live streaming and recording,” said the Labpano Team in an email to current Pilot One owners.


Remarkably, Labpano has offered a free upgrade to Pilot One EE for existing Pilot One users until November 30, 2020, as long as the Pilot One is in good condition.  This is an unprecedented move that shows amazing commitment to customer service.

To avail of the upgrade, here are the instructions:

  1. Backup all the photos and videos.  They will be erased when you send your Pilot One to them.

2.  Take photos of the Pilot One showing that it has no damage to the lenses or the screen.  Minor scratches to the case are ok.

3· Pack your old Pilot One Full Set (I believe this means including all accessories) securely in the original packaging, and send the camera to:
Aurora Technology Company Limited
Address: Unit 21, 21/F., Asia Trade Centre, 79 Lei Muk Road, KwaiChung, N.T. Hong Kong el. +852 34809892
Consignee: Brian Wu

  1. Send an email to with your proof of mailing, the order number and serial number* of your Pilot One, your shipping address, and contact information.  Include the photos showing that the camera is in good condition.

*To find the serial number of your Pilot One, go to the Settings, under About, scroll down.

  1. The customer will be responsible for the shipping back fee, and the customs duties if there are any.

I’m truly impressed by Labpano’s decision to give their customers free upgrades.  They have also released 44 updates thus far for this camera that is about a year old.   They are setting a new bar for customer service.  To find out more about the Pilot One, check out my review.

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