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How to print 360 photos as a sphere (free app)

How to print 360 photo as a sphere for free
How to print 360 photo as a sphere for free

Have you ever wanted to print your 360 photos as a sphere?  There are services that do it, such as Scandy but they are not cheap.  Takayuki Sasaki has created a clever website that will enable you print a 360 photo sphere for free.  Here’s how to use it:

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  • It’s amusing but the look of it really is more of a crafts project than a photo project. Having all those lines across the image kinda messes up the smoothness of the original image.

    When I read the earlier article about Scandy however, that is exactly what I imagined would be a great way to display such images. So I went to the link for the Scandy website and found no reference to the spheres described in your article. A litle further Google research led me however to this website: and there I was a little shocked to see the price for a tiny sphere… US$500.00 !!! And even at the price, the resolution and IQ appear to be what one would expect from a 30-year old printer ! (See:

    When they come up with a true crisp 3D image within a Lucite sphere, then I’ll be impressed !