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XPhase update improves image quality and adds calibration tool

XPhase and XPhase Review: 200mp 360 camera
XPhase and XPhase Review: 200mp 360 camera

The latest update to the XPhase Pro S (reviewed here) has improved image quality and has added a new calibration tool for smoother stitching.  Other improvements include the option for “sticky” exposure settings (i.e., the camera will retain the most recent exposure settings even after being powered off).  Here is a list of the improvements, per XPhase’s distributor:

“1. Improved color issues in shadows
2. Add luminance options of stitching output
3. Add contrast options of stitching output
4. Add gamma options of stitching output (gamma B increase the brightness of shadows)
5. Removed streaks from JPG output on PC/MAC
6. Add a Camera Calibration Tool for PC and MAC
7. Add options to enable users to use the parameters of the last phone control shot when pressing the camera shutter.”

Note that the the calibration tool requires an invitation code.  For customers who need the invitation code, please PM Danny Wong, thank you !