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Welcome to the Ultimate 360 camera comparison tool! With this tool, you can compare two cameras for photo or video.   Select a camera on the left and another camera on the right to compare them! You can also use the comparison table to make a customized list of cameras with the features you choose.

Ultimate 360 camera comparison
Ultimate 360 camera comparison

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GoPro Fusion review and comparison
GoPro Fusion comparison: Ricoh Theta V, Insta360 ONE, Yi 360 VR, Samsung Gear 360 2017, Samsung Gear 360 2016, Kodak Orbit360, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, Garmin Virb 360, Nikon Keymission 360.

11/22/2017: The tool now includes the GoPro Fusion.  Because the Fusion is very popular, I took separate photos and videos to compare the Fusion with 9 other 360 cameras.  For the Fusion comparison videos, check the bottom of the dropdown list.  For the Fusion comparison videos, click on GoPro Fusion, and you’ll see the other cameras I compared it with above the Fusion (click on the up arrow to see more cameras).


Click on the upper left corner to select a camera.  Do the same for the other side.  Remember: you can pause.  You can also maximize each window if you wish.


Click on the carousel on the bottom to select a camera.  Do the same for the other side.  You can also maximize each window if you wish.


This table is sortable, searchable, and can be filtered  For example, if you want to see which cameras are compatible with iOS and are waterproof, type “iOS water” in the search box.

Camera (click for review)Price (USD)Video resolutionPhoto resolutionKey featuresIssuesCompatibility
Garmin Virb 3607995760 x 2880 @ 30fps desktop stitched
3840 x 2160 @ 30fps in-cam stitching
5640 x 2816Realtime stitching, stabilization, waterproof, replaceable lens, G-Metrix overlays, 4k live streaming with iOS, hyperframe, timelapse, travelapse, voice controlPhotos not street view compatibleiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Giroptic iO1991920 x 10803840 x 1920360 video calls, stabilization, live streaming, realtime in-camera stitchingCannot be used without phone, short battery lifeiOS, Android
GoPro Fusion6994992 x 2496 30fps
3008 x 1504 60fps
5760 x 2880stabilization, waterproof, voice control, intervalometer, optical flow stitching via desktop, overcapture / cropped video (in early 2018)5.2K videos exported in Cineform or Prores format onlyiOS, Mac, Windows
Insta360 Air1293008 x 1504 some phones
2560 x 1280
3008 x 1504stabilization, live streaming, tiny planet streaming, manual horizon correction,Cannot be used without phoneAndroid, Mac, Windows
Insta360 Nano1993040 x 15203040 x 1520stabilization, live streaming, HDR, tiny planet streaming, hybrid phone connection (can be used without a phone)iOS, Mac, Windows,
Insta360 ONE2993840 x 19206912 x 3456stabilization, 4K live streaming, free capture, smart tracking, bullet time, tiny planet streaming, DNG raw, hard case / lens cap / handle, optional waterproof case, hybrid phone connection (can be used without a phone)iOS; (Android TBA), Windows, Mac
Insta360 Pro34997680 x 3840 30fps
6400 x 6400 30fps
3840 x 1920 120fps
3840 x 3840 60fps
7680 x 7680
7680 x 3840
4K live streaming, record while streaming, 3D photo, 3D video, DNG raw, HDR, stabilization, identical batch stitching, VR live preview, manual exposureLoud internal fan (has fanless mode up to 15 mins), slow startup time, needs recalibration for every new sceneAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac
Ion360 U2993840 x 19203840 x 1920live streaming 3840 x 1920iPhone 7, 7 plus
iPhone 8?
Samsung S8, S8 plus
Kandao Obsidian R69997680 x 76807680 x 7680live streaming 7680 x 7680, depth aware stitching, depth mappingNeeds i7, 24GB ram and GTX 1080 to stitch video at 8KiOS, Android, Windows (i7, 24GB RAM, GTX 1080)
Kodak Orbit3604993840 x 1920 @ 24fps7360 x 3680water resistant, live streaming via pc, replaceable lens, intervalometerNoticeable stitch lineiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Kodak SP360 4K Dual Pro6493840 x 1920 @ 30fps7680 x 3840water resistant, replaceable lens, aerial kit, waterproof case with underwater stitchingLong workflow, flare, noticeable stitch lineiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
LG 360 Cam1002560 x 1280 30fps5660 x 2830remote activation, street view, hard case / lens cap / handleNoticeable stitch lineiOS, Android
LucidCam4992048 x 4096 24fps4320 x 2160 SBS3D 180,Long workflow for youtube 360, 180 onlyiOS, Android, Windows
Nikon Keymission 3604993840 x 1920 @ 24fps7744 x 3872in-cam stitching for photos and videos, waterproof, remote activationLens is soft outside of center, noticeable stitch lineiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Pano5+1 mk II59none11470 x 5735
HDR (if supported by stitcher), raw (must convert to JPG)Needs manual stitchingGoPro Hero 3, 4, 5, 6
Panohero H5B89none11466 x 5733
HDR (if supported by stitcher), raw (must convert to JPG)Needs manual stitchingGoPro Hero 5 Black or Hero 6
Panono2099none16384 x 8192manual exposure, HDR, throwable, optical flow stitchingNeeds to be at least 4ft away to avoid stitching errors; stitching is via cloudiOS, Android
Ricoh Theta S3291920 x 960 30fps5376 x 2788manual exposure, HDR, exposure bracketing, intervalometer, interval composite, street view, waterproof housing optional, optical flow stitchingStitching videos via app takes is slowiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Ricoh Theta V3993840 x 1920 30fps5376 x 27883D sound, external mic input, manual exposure, HDR, exposure bracketing, intervalometer, interval composite, street view mobile, waterproof housing optional, optical flow stitching, in-camera stitching (photo and video), stabilizationEarly version had two lines in nadir - now resolved.iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Samsung Gear 360 original903840 x 1920 30fps7776 x 3888water resistant, street view, optical flow stitchingBlurgate, flare, prone to overheatingSamsung S6 and above, Windows with Open CL 2.0
Samsung Gear 360 20171654096 x 2048 24fps5472 x 2736live streaming (1920 x 960), HDR, water resistant, optical flow stitchinglimited compatibility, stitch line warps when anything crosses stitch line near the cameraSamsung S6 and above
iPhone 6 and above
Windows with OpenCL 2.0
VRDL360 preproduction1993072 x 1536 30fps7000 x 3500iOS, Android,
Vuze 3D 360 Camera7993840 x 3840 30fps
3840 x 2160 30fps
3840 x 38403D 360,Exposure can't be adjusted, photos are only framegrabsiOS, Android, Windows, Mac (beta)
Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere2503456 x 1728 @ 30fps6912 x 3456stabilization, manual exposure, water resistant, bullet time (120 fps)*, exposure bracketing*, DNG raw*, intervalometer, slow motion, timelapse, high bitrate mode video (55 mbps vs 40 mbps)*. Note: *requires app 1.8.4 or aboveSome purple fringing near stitch line.
(Previous versions had drifting in stabilized videos. Drifting fixed as of version 1.8.3.)
iOS, Android, Windows
Yi 360 VR3995760 x 2880 @ 30fps5760 x 28804K live streaming, intervalometer, street view mobile, erase yourself automatically, optical flow stitching via desktop, voice controlPoor in-cam stitching (use desktop stitching
- it's excellent)
iOS, Android, Windows

Here is a video showing the features of the Ultimate 360 Camera Comparison.